We’ve got the boathouse, might as well build a boat!

This blog is really just to prove to my family and friends that I’m staying (mostly) out of trouble.  But if you’re already here and feel like visiting, I suppose you can come on in.

So, to fill you in – we recently relocated from the big city (Chicago), to a small town in rural Wisconsin.  The house is on the waterfront and came with a boathouse.  Naturally, we’d be needing a boat.

Why not build one?!!

So what qualifies me to build a boat you ask?  You might as well ask what qualifies me to be an idiot.  Some things just don’t need explaining..

Gasp...Luke...Gasp...I am your father

Chili for lunch…

Let me introduce you to my wife, Kathy.  She’s agreed to instruct me in boat building and I, in turn, would indoctrinate her the finer points of being an idiot.

I love U too

Go easy on her, she’s learning…

The first step was getting the boathouse winter-proofed so we wouldn’t freeze our smaller bits off.  Here’s what it looked like before we bought it…


We’d need some serious insulation to survive the Wisconsin winter!  So we insulated the walls and attic, sheathed the interior walls, built in some storage…


and made a built-in work bench…



And we needed to replace the crappy, un-insulated overhead doors with something more… substantial.


That’s the new one on the left

And suddenly, we were ready…

for the adventure…

to begin!

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